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French Polishing of antiquebox

French Polishing & Furniture Restorer

DJS Polisher

Welcome to the world of fine craftsmanship and antique restoration. With over 30 years of experience in French polishing and working on antique furniture, I take great pride in offering my services from a picturesque workshop located in the beautiful Norfolk countryside. My workshop provides the ideal setting for me to bring new life to timeless pieces.

French Polishing

My passion is for early walnut and oyster veneered furniture, as well as early Georgian designs. While I do undertake repair and restoration work, my specialty lies in aging up and French polishing, as well as crafting replica antique furniture using reclaimed materials.


At the heart of my craft lies a commitment to sustainable practices. I utilize a combination of new materials and predominantly recycled, reclaimed, and old materials, ensuring that each piece I work on has a unique story to tell. This approach not only preserves the integrity of the original design but also reduces waste and supports eco-conscious principles.

Exuding Charm

In addition to larger projects, I also take pleasure in creating smaller pieces that exude charm and elegance. One of my specialties is crafting replica lace boxes and miniature chests, using old materials and veneering them with beautiful veneers. Each piece is meticulously aged and hand-polished, allowing it to seamlessly blend with genuine antiques, both visually and in terms of craftsmanship.

Among my repertoire, I also offer handcrafted bedside cabinets. These compact yet stylish pieces are designed with convenience in mind and are perfect for those seeking a touch of sophistication for their bedroom. Easily transportable, they fit snugly in the back of a car, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your living space.

While I primarily collaborate with the antiques trade, I also extend my services to discerning individuals who appreciate the value of exceptional craftsmanship. Please note that I focus on workshop-based projects and kindly request that larger items be delivered and collected by the customer. Rest assured, my workshop is equipped with all the necessary tools and resources to deliver impeccable results.

Share a Love for Antiques

If you share a love for antique furniture and desire the touch of a skilled French polisher to restore its former glory, I invite you to explore the world of timeless craftsmanship at my workshop. Together, we can bring your cherished pieces to life and create a space that echoes the beauty of bygone eras. Contact me today to discuss your French polishing needs, or to inquire about my handcrafted creations.